Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Black Like Me

She's a Black girl
Just like me
Partying with friends
And coming home after three
high heels;
short shorts;
Sassing she say's "I'm all that
and more if you please."
Oh that girl is such a tease

She's a Black woman
just like me
thick lipped;
dark skinned;
perfumed tonight for whomever he'll be
Broad shoulders and that ample bosom
Wide hips gyrating and controlling her big bottom

She's a Black mama
just like me
Teaching them respect, even when they ask, " whose Papa is he?"
Working for little, if no pay
Believing in the dream
That they'll make it someday

She's a Black lady just like me
Now, educated and proper
with a tertiary degree
psychologist and anthropologist too
chemist and scientist studying those monkeys in the zoo

We're black
But maybe that is all you'll see.

Copyright  © 2013 Susan M. Wolfe~All Rights Reserved
May 11, 2013/Black Like Me