Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Negress II

I am Negress
Do you see me?
Africa's pride
Sown across the seven seas
I wear my colour
With it's badge of distinction
And in my blood
Runs the key to human identification
Americas; Egypt; Mesopotamia
My children adorn
In my cradle
Human kind was born
On my back the Pyramids arose
From our father of mathematics
That's the story the drums have told
Travel based on astronomy we have charted
And farming and hunting with tools we created
Medicine from the bushes
To my children I've given
But the world has turned it's back
On the advice I've written
I am Negress
Do you see me?
Rising out of the Nile
A Queen across the Seas
Be humble children
And remember the lessons that I teach
I do not stand alone in the wisdom that I preach
I am nothing without the man from other lands
Who once enslaved me and stole my greatest plans
But today we do not need to stand alone
Because what we've made is for all of us to claim as our own

Copyright © 2013 SArthur
July 26, 2013, NEGRESS II