Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Pirate And The Princess


Captain Blood
“One day, one day
We’ll sit under a tree,
A bottle of rum in hand,
Looking out to sea.
You and me
Just sitting under a tree
How perfect that would be.”

Princess of the Ocean
“But until that day I’ll sit alone
And dream of the day that will be,
When my lover washes up on these shores
From out yonder beyond the sea.”

Captain Blood
“Then I’ll board my ship
Call upon the Gods for wind,
And sail on the evening tide.
I’ll brave pirate’s lairs
And I’ll kill corsairs,
Just to lay by your side.”

Princess of the Ocean
“And with my arms wide open
I’ll pull you to my breast.
I’ll hitch up my skirt around my waist
And you’ll plunder my pirate’s treasure chest.”

Captain Blood
“My Princess don’t rush
In your excited haste,
With my mouth is where I’ll begin.
My eyes will feast on your gleaming jewels,
My tongue will savour
The delights deep within.”

Princess of the Ocean
“And so it was and so I shook
And crowned you with my jewels,
And I bid you stay, don’t go away
But, a pirate must fight his duels.
Riding high on my bow, with your sword set to slay,
You conquered me, with your one handed hook.”

Phil Hall and Susan A.  May  2013