Thursday, 6 June 2013

Upon These Desert Plains

How long she sat and waited for love
Like the barren plains hoped for rains
And then in time she turned to sand
And became useless desert land
Upon which camels with their caravans
Quickly crossed for she could give no more
No water, no shade, no place to rest
Just miles and miles of endless emptiness
And when she could no longer endure
The solitude that the hollow winds
Taunted her with as they crossed her dunes
She saw, or so she thought
A glimmer of hope and felt the stirrings of a love wrought
Deftly under the skillful hands
Of the refracted light upon the sands
An oasis of water so clear so pure
Where animals lapped lazily around her shores
And in her haste to dip into Love's pool
She dove headfirst but she'd been fooled
A mirage is all that it had been
Her desires had tricked her once again

Copyright ©2013 SArthur-All Rights Reserved 6/6/2013 -Upon These Desert Plains