Friday, 5 July 2013

I Want Nothing From You

I want nothing from you
Not the house.
Not the car.
Not the furniture.

The dog , the boat 

Not the jewelry
Or your mother's dishes

I don't want anything from you.

I don't want your 401K
I don't want your stocks and bonds
I don't want your insurance
I don't want your nothing

I want nothing from you

All these things that will bring me pain
To remind me 25 years
That were all in vain
All the lies that you could ever tell
All the secrets you held so well

I want nothing from you.
You've treated me like a common whore
Gave me money but nothing more
Lonely nights I've had to bear
Watching sad movies but holding back tears
Why cry?
If I must cry alone
No one to comfort me
Yeah you were never home

I want nothing from you.
You had an affair
I thought you were not to blame
Mistakes like these hound your fame
We worked it out
I understood
And in time I would have forgotten if I could

But you didn't try
How dare you stand here and lie?
When she tells me that you have a son
And I almost died

I really did.

It was a shock
I couldn't understand
How everyday
You visited her
Took her to Vale?
So she could ski?

Get out!

All these lies are killing me
I want nothing from you.


I gave you all my best years
What I have left are mine.

Mine. Mine. Mine
Do you understand?
I want nothing from you.

Copyright ©2013 SArthur-All Rights Reserved
05/07/2013- I Want Nothing From You