Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Greatest Expression of Me

Who will comfort you
The way that I do
Cheer you on when you're feeling blue
And in my bed at night where you crawl
When ghosts and goblins make their call
In my arms a boy so beautiful I see
You're the best expression of me

And then with your friends you have a fight
Boys your age try to show their might
And quarrels always end with fists
When views and discussions go amiss
Something so insignificant as your team
Losing their World Cup dream
I clean your wounds as you defiantly cry
They are wrong, they only tell lies
And inside I smile cause I see
This child is the best expression of me

But then you start to stretch and spread your wings
Girls become more than childhood friends
You'll text and email all night
You'll whispers on the phone after you turn out the light
And when she doesn't call you'll secretly cry
Yet I know I can't  be always by your side
And with a broken heart I feel
This boy is the best expression of me

The girls will come
The girls will go
And through it all you'll pass the tests
And you'll show them all what you do best
Your trophies standing on a shelf
Medals that'll make you proud of yourself
A mother so happy I'll be
Knowing you are the best expression of me

Happily one day you will arrive
To the University that awaits
And in my empty nest I'll debate
How could I ever let you go
Because oh my boy I need you so
But how can I stop your plans
To stand up to life and be a man
And so I'll flap my wings and see
This boy is the best expression of me

And as it is, you'll never return
A man like you will make your mark
You'll slay your child's demons in the dark
And when I visit, as I often do
I see a great big man curled up in bed
With a little boy whose fears he will shed
And in your smile of remembrance I see
The greatest expression of me

Copyright © 2013 Susan M. Wolfe~All Rights Reserved
11/07/2013 -The Greatest Expression Of Me