Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Where My Daddy Goes

Curled up on my bed
A tight little ball
I hear his footsteps
Tip toeing down the hall
Fe-Fo-Fum the floorboards squeak with his rage
A warning to flee, that shatters my cage

And where shall I run to?
On this night
That I haven't thought of
In broad day light
When I wished on a star that one day I might
Escape the fear that grips me before I take flight

Shhhh.............Closer now
I hear his call
A wordless heaving
As he drunkenly crawls
Through the haze of oppressive gloom
He roughly breaks the latch and enters my room

And on my lips
The words go unsaid
Though,  "NO-NO-No-Stop"
Pumps through my head
Once upon a time those useless words
He might have heeded, he might have heard

Engendered by anger now
He feeds off my fear
I scream out loud but
My soundless cry falls on deaf ears
I know this test, I have learned the skills
Not to move but to lie perfectly still

And in his hands I'm limp as prey
Lifeless. Another hunter's killing spree
Empty eyes with a pointless stare
But he finishes me off  now so he'll finally let me be
As outside the wise old owl mournfully screeches for me.

Where've you been? I've heard you say
As to your room he'll slink away

Brave words.
Tonight his blows you won't receive
For his love you'll forever feign
To have never known, to have been deceived
But I know Mum you already know
When he comes home drunk where my Daddy goes

Copyright © 2013 Susi M. Wolfe~All rights reserved.
Where My Daddy Goes- March 2013