Thursday, 29 August 2013

A Certain Type of Man

I confess to have a thing
For a certain type of man
Here I'll share this story
That will help you understand

He's just like all his friends
In the way he wears his hair
Black, thick and shiny
Slicked back behind his ears

He's impeccable in his dress
He's rugged but he's neat
He's cultured in his chivalry
A gentleman when he speaks

He has the perfect words
That tell me I'm his queen
There is an accent in his voice
But his gestures shows what he means

He's loud when he roots
For his favourite football team
An intensity you always find
For his country's World Cup dreams

And whenever we go out
We're quite a noisy bunch   
It is always an excited affair
At an extended family lunch

Sometimes we take a ride

Just to potter around town
Take the Vespa out for a spin
See the history that abounds

Or we'll go on a bucolic trip

Breathe in the healthy country air

He'll play Carboni in the car

While his fingers twirl my hair

Maybe we'll find a vineyard

That serves cheese with their wine

Overlooking the pastures we'll drink the bottle

This life is so sublime

Late afternoon at a trattoria
He'll have brioche with his caffe

If hazelnut is a flavour

I'll have a gelatto if I may

In a pensioni we'll settle in
And I'll enjoy the pleasure of his flesh

So passionate in all he does

After this, we'll need a rest

Tonight we'll eat a late supper
Around 8, maybe 9
In a quiet little pizzeria
Just the two of us will dine

Quiet conversation
But his intense sensual look never departs
His compliments are quick and easy
The essence of this man has caught at my heart

But here comes our food
From a brick oven fueled by wood
This Pizza Margherita is authentic
By now you should have understood
I really seem to have a thing
For a certain type of man
Did you guess who he is?
I wonder if you can.

Copyright ©2013 Susan M. Wolfe~All Rights Reserved
August 30, 2013 A Certain Type Of Man