Thursday, 1 August 2013

At My Age

At my age
Dare I dream to find the courage
To turn a leaf, start a new page
Learn from my lessons
Be my own sage

At my age
Should I dance out in the rain
Should I travel just to see Spain
Leave my nest
And drink champagne
Break the latch on my cage

At my age
Could I dare to share a dream
Dare to believe he's what he seems
No more doubts
Just blind faith
No more lies for me to wage

At my age
Ought I now to know the truth
What feels right for me to do
Listen less to my friends
On my family do not depend

Has time finally come for me to gauge
What I should do now at my age?

Copyright © 2013 Susan M. Wolfe~All Rights Reserved
August 01, 2013 /At My Age