Friday, 2 August 2013

Before The Digital Age

Post me a letter
Or better yet come
Let's chat over a cup of tea
Enjoy a bit of old fashioned fun
Shuffle the playing cards
Should we play crib, or maybe chess?
Perhaps I can read you some poetry
A comedy like The Tempest

Sing me a song 
That you'll play on your guitar
With lyrics that paint pictures
And melodies that stir the heart
Hike up a mountain
And let us find a noisy brook
Swim naked in the water
If you're modest I promise I won't look

Take out your easel
Mix the colours that you see
Signed and dated 
A replica of this beautiful scenery
Lie here next to me
And lets count the shooting stars
Breathe in deep nature's medicine
As we listen to our hearts

Where we are going
A war is being waged
To remember how we communicated
Before this digital age

Copyright © 2013 SArthur~All Rights Reserved
August 2, 2013 -Before The Digital Age