Friday, 27 September 2013


Yes,  I am as black
As he is white.
His hair is silky straight
Mine is curly, kinky and tight.
His lips are pencil thin
While my nose is flaring and wide.
His butt is flat
Next to my round backside.
Yes, we get looks
When we go out on the streets
Oblivious of this difference
We kiss where ever we meet.
He caresses my hands
And wraps me into him,
Tips my chocolate chin to his face
And his blue eyes soak me in.
His legs next to mine 
Are so hairy and sinewy,
While my skin is smooth
Hairless and dewy.
We give in to love
So his cream melts at night,
My body wrapped around him
A tasty Oreo's delight.
They say we've got jungle fever
But we don't see it that way,
You see Black and White
And we don't even care.

Copyright © 2013 SArthur~All Rights Reserved
Sept. 27, 2013- INTERRACIAL.