Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Just A Minute

I'm taking a minute to breathe
To let this tension leave
So I can release
The images of the beasts
I'm taking a minute to smile
Listen to music for awhile
Drown out the words of the vile
And the videos of the hostile
This world is such a scary place
They're monsters with masks of a human face
Huddled here together in Cyberspace
Collecting children that they'll later chase 
Our work has just begun
Its tireless hours of no fun
But its hope for a daughter or a son
Is there an end?  Sadly I see none
So now that I've been revived
In this hour I'll come alive
And with these weapons I will slay
All you perverts that trap and snare
Boys and girls are your prey
But not on my watch
Not today

September 11, 2013 SArthur Just A Minute

The internet is rife with child pornography and child exploitation/abuse.  Right here on Google there are pages and communities set up for that purpose.  If you are interested do a check for yourself.  And when you do find a community report it to Google to be shut down....and you can always respond to me here....I'll report it.  All it takes really is...........JUST A MINUTE