Saturday, 7 September 2013

Note To Self

Wake up from your stagnant life
Discard all of that negative strife
Give up on being a wanderlust
Settle into his love, learn to trust.
Put away your childish fears
Box 'em up and then dry your tears
Speak the words in your heart
Learn to be humble is where to start.
Forgive yourself for past mistakes
Appreciate the lessons bred by heartache
Place pride in your character 
                                        to be understood
Respect yourself for the greater good
Embrace the woman in the mirror that you see
But love her heart for its purity
Make sound decisions without haste
Time is a commodity not to waste
Cleanse your words and thoughts of negativity
Observe the wonders of life and embrace humanity
Applaud yourself for all you've achieved
But be cautious of your ego to not be deceived
Name your blessings, really observe
These wonders are yours and what you deserve

© Copyright 2013 Susan M.Wolfe~All Rights Reserved
07-09-2013 Note To Self