Monday, 7 October 2013

Deeds of Hope

On dirty knees.
She picks at age old sores until they bleed

The lice in her hair play hide and go seek
And colours are veiled through twin black orbs so hollow, yet so meek

This is what poverty breeds.

Por favor Señora. Yo  pido ayuda.

The flightless bird squawks her daily cry
She needs some help so her family can get by
Does she know that refrain is just a social lie?
They'll never get ahead no matter how hard they try

Por favor Señora. Un  lempira.

Un lempira? I wondered, all of 5 US cents
I should give a little bit more as my soul's recompense
For the good life of an American in my big house behind my tall fence.
Giving hand outs in a third world is the foreigner's only defense

Por favor Señora. Algo de comer?

She wants to eat.
But all I see are her dirty hands and her soiled naked feet
Yet I still want to give her a special treat
Something more than tortillas, beans and a piece of meat

Pero, por favor Señora. Por favor.

Anything at all is what she'll take.
She grabs what she can and run as if her life's at stake
And that is why you'll hear the thud when my heart falls and it breaks
She's stolen less than I was going to give; just for stealing's sake

I try to pick the scabs from my soul
No longer full of promise just an empty hole
Falling on my knees as they bruise and bleed
I throw myself in prayer begging please
Take this ache from my heart so I can begin to ease

The tightening  of the callous that formed when I ignored the sore
Por favor. Por favor.

This is what hope deeds

Copyright © 2013 SArthur~All Rights Reserved Oct. 7, 2013/Deeds of Hope