Thursday, 7 November 2013


Reds, oranges some yellows and browns
The leaves are falling to the ground

Autumn chills the late summer's air
And everywhere they're bobbing for apples at a country fair

Let's go hayriding on a Halloween hunt
Or watch Dad carve the turkey his Thanksgiving stunt

Read a novel next to the crackling wood stove
Smell the pies full of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves

Look at the glow of lamplight through a window
Families gathered together playing Scrabble and bingo

Mom still carves the pumpkins for the family
And Grandma's house smells of chili and cornbread smothered in honey

Old and young, the men all gather to play tag football
A raucous game; a happy family brawl

The ladies will buy flannel blankets in the nearest antique shops
Wearing colourful woolen socks and leather Birkenstocks

The children are happy when November is done
Cause they know in December Santa will come

But for most of us Autumn is the season's curtain call
The best part of the year is this time we call Fall

Copyright © 2013 SArthur, Fall
November 7, 2013,