Thursday, 14 November 2013

I'll Take The Blame

Watercolour-Tammy Knott
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Am I just too demanding?
Do I expect too much?

Should I accept that you're distant
So distant and so out of touch?

Do you remember us last November
Or was that several years and decades ago?

Nascent lovers with so much passion
Burning high with  lovers' glow

And now look us, we're just embers
Or ashes left after the fire's been tamed

You've lost the ability to express your emotions
But I know that you're not to blame

I've tried to be what I thought you wanted
Attentive and always there

Someone who would support you
Someone who shows how much she cares

But look what that has left me
Just a trophy on an exhibition shelf

In your presence I feel so lonely
In your absence I don't understand myself

Everyone seems to want perfection
I just only want to have you

I wish things were different
But how  to keep you I haven't a clue

Tell me that I'm too demanding
Show me in which ways I can change

Tell me that I've always expected too much
And then for you I'll take the blame

© Copyright 2013, Susan M. Wolfe~All Rights Reserved
November 14, 2013, -I'll Take The Blame