Saturday, 9 November 2013

Just One Wish

And I've been granted this

How many endless nights and days
I hoped to some day know  you
I held my breath at the rise of the tides
And cried to the waning of the blood filled moon

I prayed to all the statues and deities
That one day  you would come
And to my God I asked to take pity
For all those past things I have done

How many countless nights
I've wished that you were here
I filled my heart and loins with delight
And hoped like magic you'd appear

Once a wish on a shooting star
Now you've become my very moon
I caress you now  though we're still far apart
But I know I'll hold you close soon

And here you are
In front of me
My son,
A perfect wish.
And I thank my stars
My God above
That I've been granted this

Copyright © 2013 Susan M. Wolfe
November 9, 2013- Just One Wish