Saturday, 30 November 2013

Once, I Cried On Mother's Lap

Take me into your arms and rock me
Pressed next to your beating heart I feel safe
Encircle me with your strength and tenderness
I belong here in this embrace
Lay my head on your lap as you tell me
The words that only you can say
How long I've waited for you to show me
The lesson's learned through child's play
Feel my tears as they wash over you
Memories of your hurts came bottled inside
Please accept my childish emotions
Please don't push me aside
I know you're lost and your lonely
And you're waiting for someone to return
You say you'll now wait for true love
But here I am- and for your love I'll forever yearn
Please take me onto your lap and rock me
In you silent voice I'll hear the words you do not say
Please accept my emotions
Touch me and tell me it's not just child's play

Copyright © 2013 Susan M. Wolfe
November 30, 2013- Once, I Cried On Mother's Lap