Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Bucket List

When you start nursing middle age
And reflect back on all those years
You realise the time you have left is just slipping away
How long will it last becomes a silent fear.
There are things you wanted to accomplish
There are things you don't want to miss
And so you sit down to write out your bucket list

Some people want Paris
They say the Springs are nice
Get a chance to see the seven man-made wonders
Who would think twice?
Scale Machu Pichu; walk China's great wall
Marvel at the ancient pyramids
Or stand in awe of the Taj Majal

But me, my list is simple and as such
With the time I have left I don't really want much
What's left on my list is a chance to see
What all of these experiences have made out of me

I woke up each morning and listened to the chirping of the birds
The noise of yesterday's problems I obliterated and for years I had not heard
I breathed in fresh air as the sun began to rise
Darkness gave way to light and on this new day I was rejuvenised
The sun reached out and warmed my soul and my face
And into this great Universe I was comforted and embraced
The trees that I saw were so majestic and strong
And mesmerised  by such beauty on this list I'll check off -astound
The wind was gentle as it crawled through my hair
Like a baby's fingers it tickled me as if it wanted to play
The sound of the ocean as it pounded against the rocks
Brings a smile to me now as I stand and appreciate all that I've got

And so,  on this list
What more is there to write?
I've been blessed with more things
Than in one lifetime I thought I might

© 2013 , 11/30 The Bucket List, Susan M. Wolfe