Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Compass And The Journey

Tonight we'll set sail across the tumultuous seas
With the lone North star our guide
We'll chart our path by the reading of the leaves
And throw anchor with the rise of the tides
We'll take out a blanket and place it on deck
Where a three man band will play
"O sole mio" you'll whisper in my neck
And in the falling snow we'll eat cheese and drink Chardonnay
And when the music stops and we're all alone
You'll place my weary head upon your lap
You'll regale me with stories of  your journeys so forlorn
While my fingers trace our paths on the map
Our day our sails will bend and they may angrily bow
While the storms whip the winds through our hair
But I know we'll reach the shore together somehow
Because in your compass is the magnet I wear

Copyright ©2014 SArthur~All Rights Reserved
November 30, 2013 /  The Compass And The Journey