Friday, 27 December 2013

Beneath My Skin

I am black
Ummmm, a warm cover that I wear with grace
For from these loins I have birthed
The human race

Watch me as I walk away
Head proud and erect
Though my backside will sway

I am black
I point to the mother continent with pride
We still stand united through wars and starvation
Even through economic genocide

Listen to our advice even as we're crucified
"Arms over shoulders"
Is the only way to survive

I am black
I hold strong to the faith
You and me remain one
Even though you've now been bled of the race

My hardships have always come
Because you don't heed the message that I bring
 "Love me like you" or to annihilation we'll succumb

I am  Black.
You can say I'm without colour
or a mix of everything
You can base your perceptions
on the prejudice this may bring
You can think you know where I'm going
since you know from where I've come and from where I've been
But if you use colour to define me
You'll lose the lessons buried beneath this skin

December 27, 2013 SWolfe Beneath My Skin