Monday, 2 December 2013

No Ordinary Love

Were yours to have been an ordinary love
we would have fallen together that day
into a wet heap of angrily tangled sheets
each screaming without decorum
answering to the primal calling of our loins
a strident staccato

You would have pressed the hardened length
of your body into me and whispered
ardent, yet unintelligible words
that lovers say,
and I would have known it to be love

In your presence
my heart would thump wildly in my chest
like the drumming of a thousand wildebeests crossing the Serengeti,
and my legs would violently shake in unison
as I wrap myself into you again, and again
and cling to you as my saviour
for in that moment the kiss of death is near
and to you I'd surrender

But in your absence
I'd feel lonely and rejected
the lack of heat from your body
would leave me cold and wanton
and without your voice I'd replay 
the conversations of yesterdays gone by
common words now of lust and desire

But you're not ordinary,
and this is not an ordinary love
 everything I know about your love
has yet to be written
for you come to me
with pureness of soul
unspoilt by the harshness
fate has thrown at you
and yet you give without discretion
and ask of me nothing in return

And when my greedy mouth seeks
the taste of your kiss
and the feel of your lips 
to play like a harmonica up and down my spine
you pull me close 
and wrap me into you
and you hold me for endless hours
talking to me
without words
touching  me
without leaving a mark 
on my virtue

This is no ordinary love.

In your presence I feel acceptance.
In your absence I know only love.

Copyright © 2014 Susan M. Wolfe~All Rights Reserved
December 2, 2013 / No Ordinary Love