Friday, 17 January 2014

Life Lessons

There comes a point in life when we all take a hard look at our past and wonder why we did some of the things we did.  Youth is peppered with so many "mistakes," there are so many things we wish that we could do over. Errors in judgment, loose morals, even hesitation where action would have served us better, are all of the things we chalk up as “mistakes.”

When we are faced with errors, such as these, we sit back and regret that we did not act differently.  We ask ourselves an endless and completely unanswerable set of 'whys."  'Why didn't I go to med school?' 'Why did I run after that person?' 'Why did I engage in that behaviour?'  Those are the tamer questions.  There is also the set of whys that deals with character and morals.  In this age, most of those questions are centered on sexual contact and activities.
We can spend hours self-flagellating but in the end we will be left with nothing more than a pile of regrets.  What if we decide that every "mistake" that we made was nothing more than a life lesson learned?  What if we examine each event and applaud ourselves for not only having lived through the experience, but also coming away with a greater understanding of ourselves? 

Just by using the word mistakes we give our experiences a negative slant, but if we say that we've lived through a series of unforgettable life lessons then we can help to obliterate the later regret.  If you were a bully back in junior high and you know now that this was a negative experience, the way you approach this time period determines if and how your behaviours will change.  If you hold on to these negative thoughts and emotions, labeling them all as mistakes, the likelihood that you will forever live with regrets is exceedingly high, (regrets=feeling sorry for self), but if you choose to separate yourself from the negative experience and look at the process in an objective way; analyzing your intent; your knowledge at the time and assessing the changes that you've made, you will allow yourself to feel good once again, living regret free.

I embrace my life lessons.

©SArthur 01/2014