Wednesday, 12 March 2014


     "I can sit here on this stoop and tell y'all I feel bad that his sorry ass ain't coming back.  But I don't tell lies, I'm glad he's gone.  Enough of him taking up space and not even paying for it.  He ain't brought nothing into this house except a pack of used up lies and two children that don't even recognise him as a somebody. He ain't no somebody, he's an ole good for nothing nobody, even his own mama don't want him.  None of his kin want him. And what a hot mess I got myself into by talking to him, knowing full well he had a woman pregnant.  But we women are igrant.  We're bunch of ignorant bitches, if I might say so myself.
    He came talking to me where I used to work down at the grocery store saying he hungry, and he knows that I know where the good food at.  I wasn't planning on paying him no mind, but I gotta admit it the man fine.  Don't front, y'all know he fine. So when he told me that he was just playing, that he didn't really want no food since all the good food he saw was walking and breathing right in front of him, man I think I wanted him to jump me then.  But I let him play out all his lines, lines that I had heard back in school, before I dropped outta 9th grade.  He was old school, but that was okay by me, coz the brother sure is fine.
    He used to come by the grocery store on my lunch hour just to talk to me.  He'd buy me a lollipop every day, the red ones is cherry, and he knew those my favourites.  One day he told me, that I should remember how nice he was to me, coz he hope one day soon I'd be nice to him.  That's when he put a finger on the corner of my lips.  I almost closed my eyes then thinking he was gonna kiss me, but he said you got sweet cherry juice there.  When he walked off he said low so I couldn't hear, but I heard it anyway.  He said he wished he was a lollipop to get sucked on by them bootylicious lips."