Wednesday, 30 April 2014

He's Just A Boy

It didn't matter that they would stare
From the corner of her eye, she'd catch their glares
When he licked the glass on the window pane
And banged his head, and  screamed in vain

Some would talk behind her back
Others would point and try to attack
"You should this..." "And that you should.."
Don't you think she would if she could?

Others were kind and they'd try to assist
But often got mad when he fought to resist
To their pleas, "look at me."  "give me that" "come here."
They'd walk away when his affect showed he didn't care

And up and down, she'd be with him
He may bite when hugged, or play with string
Sometimes behind closed doors she'd sit and cry
And wonder how her child will get by

But in the end she'll say he's just my boy
And like you, it's her pride and joy
And so outside they'd go to play
Against the stares, she'll turn away

For the love he gave was pure and true
Untarnished by the things we're taught to do
And bit by bit that world he'd reveal
That in our quest for normalcy is often concealed.

© SArthur, 2014