Monday, 19 May 2014

A Call For Change

When I first came to G+ I only had a handful of offline friends who invited me.  Nonetheless it was a pleasure moving from the superficial atmosphere on Facebook to this community.  Here I have met such wonderful people that it has enticed me to stay, and I have ended up sharing my thoughts and my writings.

For the most part my writings are intended for entertainment, though it is hard for me to shy away from leaving messages about social issues like that of  the greater human need for acceptance. This is an issue that is core to my being, and  I've tried to incorporate that in my writings.  Generally  the feedback is positive, and that alone has prompted me to share more of my experiences and lend my voice.

I have found that most people on social networks such as this, are looking to do something; to change something; to make a mark and be recognised for it.  I am no exception as I try to share my knowledge with friends, in the hope that I too learn from them.  However, with the lack of "things to do," we get caught up in mindless games/chatter.  Now there is nothing wrong with that, but think about this.  If you could take all the hours you spent engaging in those activities and pump it into something worthwhile; something that can effect a change, how much better off would you and the world at large be?

Well I know how guilty I am when I squander precious time; time that can be used to promote global change.  There is that saying you can't change the world, but you can change one person., and that change has the propensity to domino out.  Obviously we know the only person we can change is ourselves, hence a challenge to you, and to me.

Have you ever thought what life is like for those members of society who are frowned upon for living life -quite different from yours or mine- but in the way that makes them happiest?  We all have prejudices and biases, and we tend to stick close to people who are just like us, perhaps that is our evolutionary nature, but we can not refute the fact that others are entitled to live as out loud as we do. Today  I ask you to join me in
walking in someone else's shoes. To start looking at life from another's perspective.

Here in social media you know that you are judged by what pictures you post; your profile photo and your comments.  What if for a day or a week you become someone else?  What if you take the courage to step into someone else's shoes, someone who is totally different from you, doing nothing wrong except living the lifestyle he or she chooses?  Who would you be?  What would you learn from being that person; what would you teach?  Think about this, what would your friends say?

I do not need to make this post longer by listing the underdogs of our society, and I know that each person has that one person/group of people that they stay away from, just because their lifestyle is different to yours. I challenge you to walk in that person's shoes.  I dare you to defend their right to live life as they choose. Today I become................................................