Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Secret-edited

those words are trapped in my soul
and there in secret they must reside
hidden from you-
love's greatest compromise
because to say that
you're the one
will erase the work
that I have done
to never want,
to never need,
to never more
make a plead
your loves and hurts
you've shared with me
with each emotion
you've let me see
how vulnerable you really are
when you give away your heart
and if one day
you should know
how many times
i've wanted to show   
that you and me
were meant to be
then I will have failed
and this friendship will cease
no longer just friends
our secrets will end
You see,  love becomes complicated by lovers-
where stealthy secrets are best left to friends,
whose wisdom helps you make amends

Copyright (c) 2013 SArthur-The Secret
29-05-2014, The Secret-edited