Friday, 6 June 2014

Dormant Desires

The leather burns into her hands
Its crack echoes in the darkened room
He looks up there to where she stands
Across his back he'll feel it soon

It is not a brutal affair
Though he trembles as it begins to bite
Into his flesh, the whip will take him there
As dormant pleasures it will excite

She tightens the harness and locks the cuffs
To her submission he must give in
Blindfolded and bound the game gets rough
She peels back her corset and slips on a ring

A collar tells him he belongs to her
Spikes on both sides as it's adorned
Pierces his skin so that he purrs
When golden waters cascade from lips so newly shorn

Clamps, prongs; stirrups; pins
He's held in place on hands and knees
Dominant warrior she'll break him in
Summit reached but only she can be pleased

The scene is over with her sated smile
His body trembles as he's not done
"Get dressed now," you must comply
When to a mistress you do succumb

Copyright © 2014 Susan M. Wolfe~ All Rights Reserved
06-06-2014  Dormant Desires