Tuesday, 3 June 2014

So my short story writing is so on hold, as too many things tumble around in my brain...I'm sharing some with you.  Perhaps those of you who read these will help me decide on which story to write.

Story Ideas, SARTHUR

I watched as he walked towards me.  His stride was ardent and purposeful.  I watched as he tossed his head backward and his hair tumbled to the side of his face covering the scar he had there.  A scar that he had let me trace a million times.   This scar he wore  had only been skin deep, and though it would always be an angry slash to split his handsome face in two, it was nothing compared to the other scar that pierced his soul and flayed his heart.

I watched him; that man into whose love I yearned once again to be wrapped.

He would come, I knew, and wordlessly he would possess my body. He claimed it; it was his.  He would make love to me in the angry way of a man having been cheated of all he held dear.  And was that not true? He had been left little else besides a badge of honour and the concealed diary of a cheating wife.