Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Are You Ready?

Are you ready for your life to be altered
In the ways you've always dreamt of
Knowing the woman lying next to you
Loves you, and she's the one you love

Are you ready to give up on hoping
That she'll understand the why of your cry
Empathising with the past that inside resides
Even when you suffocate it with a smile

Are you ready to embrace acceptance
Stand assured that you're good enough
No more self-flagellation 
When she's already dazzled by this diamond in the rough

Are you ready to cast off jealousy
Flay envy at the door
Invite in belief, faith, and trust
Even when you're not there you're really sure

Are you ready to stop competing
Stop undervaluing yourself
Stop comparing her to the ones you've known
And the hurts that they have dealt

If you're really ready to give away your three wishes
Then that day has finally come
And that woman who fills your soul with smiles
Is she who is your one

Copyright © 2014 Susan M. Wolfe~All rights reserved
15/07/14/Are You Ready?