Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Other Woman

Perhaps you're pulling away; you're letting go
I feel it in the silence; your actions show

Perhaps its no longer just you, and me
Its impossible to reach you; you no longer see

I cry myself to sleep, but you just turn away
You don't relieve me of the burden that my conscience weighs

I have done wrong; I've apologised
But you no longer care to pick out the truth from a lifetime of lies

And then you let her in, this other you need
She listens to your stories, she heeds your pleas

She offers you the comfort that your broken soul sought
In her arms you were given love that I had long forgot

Perhaps its just a fling, just a momentary affair
Perhaps you're not leaving; perhaps you still care

Perhaps it's not her that you want to see
Perhaps I am just the other woman that you've made to be.

Copyright © 2014 Susan M. Wolfe-All Rights Reserved
23/08/2014-The Other Woman