Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Journal Entry 230914

It was real wasn't it?  That morning when the dew weighed down the stalks of grass, cocooning them in their silvery shields, and you pulling me away from the window; reaching out with one lazy hand to tug at my wrist, you needed me didn't you?   It was then that I peered into the dim grey light of the room, just in time to see the comforters give birth to your bald pate, and like a mother's nascent desires to protect, I reached over and cradled your neck.  I then let my fingers curl protectively around your shoulders, pinching the wrinkled skin there, hot from sleep. Painstakingly your head emerged, and your furrowed brow told me that you had already anticipated the light and had squinted your eyes tight.  You were never a morning person, but I smiled knowing that you would soon open your eyes to find mine.  Your dark brown eyes were so similar to mine, though yours always smoldered with desire while mine shone like melted chocolate.  And then you smiled; a smile that caused your ear to buckle against the pillow.  You knew that you had me then, and as you pulled at my wrist, I willingly gave in to straddle your nearest leg, and rub my nose against yours.  You needed me then, didn't you?  Didn't you want forever then?  And as my lips; willfully clamped shut, found yours, you jutted your chin towards my face, and your lips and jaw became loose.  You begged for my kiss then.  You wanted me then, didn't you?  So with the skillful movements of a blind man in the dark, you pulled me back under the covers, on top of you, and slowly we sank into each other's warmth.  You needed me then, didn't you?  The howls of your love echoed loudly, and afterwards we laughed even when I sat up looking out the window.  You loved me then didn't you?
SWolfe 2013