Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Orator

The orator falters
Where words once tumbled from his ruby lips
The quill hovers above paper
As blood red ink dribbles copiously from its tip

What more can he do to hurt me?
Sticks and stones I have already endured
He took away his love for a minute
But that took away my life forevermore

Oh how I begged that he'd heed me
But my pleas are seeds on stony ground
Look at me and understand my intentions
Is this not real what we have found?

The orator once again falters
Careless words scattered in the winds
Actions should have been all that mattered
Yet silence shatters the soul that he's rescinds

Copyright © 2014 Susan M. Wolfe~All Rights Reserved
The Orator- November 13, 2014