Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Paint Your Dreams In Vivid Colours

Another year will draw her curtain
Some dreams aborted; others to be revealed
People will stand to judge your accomplishments
If you let them sit behind your steering wheel

Why not stay your course; do not be envious
Some finish first, who knows what steps they took
Remember to reach the top, some stand on others
While smiling give you money from your own pocketbook

Success should never be quantitative
Measured by some arbitrary mean
Learn from the past to work in silence
Let the sounds of victory be what you glean

And so I say, 

Paint your dreams in your own set of colours
As vivid as the rainbow's hues
Your ship can reach that far horizon
But it all depends on your point of view

© Copyright 2014, Susan M. Wolfe~All Rights Reserved
Paint Your Dreams In Vivid Colours-23-12-2014