Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sentimental Fool

You've asked me why I love you
As though to love there could be a why
And if I should stand corrected, tell me,
How can I this ken describe?

For there are no words that I know,
But perhaps I'm not sufficiently read
Which can unriddle these feelings I have,
To finally fling away this life fear has fed

And if words were ever found, I'm sure,
They would be too platitudinous to explain
Why it is to your presence I run
And there with you I wish to remain

Because you know as well as I
How high the hurdles I must cross
And what is the guarantee 
Love alone can survive such loss?

Maybe I am a sentimental fool
Too great a gift I give away for free
But my wishes; my life I wager to you
Mind, Soul, Body I entrust all three

© Copyright 2015 Susan M. Wolfe~Sentimental Fool
05-03-2015-All Rights Reserved