Friday, 24 April 2015

Am Stammtisch

I have found an oasis
In a sea of foreign faces
Singing songs with recollection
Of people and places touched with much affection

From the fatherland they came
With a sense of family and culture so ingrained
Even in sports we root together for the goal
In a Fußballspiel of the Rot, Schwarz and Gold

Am Stammtisch we sit
With a Bier, Wurst or Aufschnitt
And jokes and stories make the round
Of our lives back where we come from

Yes, it's difficult to be a foreigner in a foreign place
As bit by bit we lose the race
Of what is our true identity
And so we bind together with this surety

I sit am Stammtisch, um Tisch
With a potato and sausage dish
Smiling with the people who have taken me in
Me, a foreigner just like them.

© Copyright 2015 Susi M. Wolfe~All Rights Reserved
24-04-2015-Am Stammtisch